Is Hollyleaf Dead? ***Spoiler Alert***

So there has been a big issue going around about Hollyleaf, the sister of Jayfeather and Lionblaze. So after the whole thing about Sol and all of that, she runs into the tunnels, having it cave in on her. But most people (including me) are wondering if she is really dead. Though in the timeline of Warriors Power of Three, it says Hollyleaf is dead, it was proved by people that Haper Colins made the timeline and therefor, meaning it could very well be incorect. Also, after the fight with Jayfeather and Breezepelt, Jayfeather see's alot of StarClan warriors. However it said he didnt want to look too hard in case he saw Hollyleaf, declaring no prof of her death. Erin Huntter (or the three authors), seem to have been avoiding the question about Hollyleaf. So in the fourth apprentice, when the lake almost dries up, Hollyleaf could have easily escaped the tunnels (because of the underground river, that would've dried up), and could be roaming around the forest. Though there isnt a large amount of reasons, i do belive that Hollyleaf is Alive, and out for revenge on everyone (syco cat). If you have the same thoughts, or more prove, please coment below and we could all build the theroy of her death or being alive. XD

Good Points Brought up by Other People

Rainear- The 5th book of Omen of The Stars is called "The Forgoten Warrior"

Reason my be because Hollyleaf is now almost forgoten about and almost never mentioned

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