Now who here likes or dislikes Ivypaw, the sister of Dovepaw? Ivypaw, is a really...uh? I cant find a work for it, umm easily changeable. She quickly went from a sweet kit, to an evilish apprentice. But i've been wondering. What might happen when Ivypaw, discorvers the truth. Like about Dovepaw and that the dark forest has been training her? Will she stay to The Dark Forest (D:<) or leave and join Starclan's side of battle. Personly, after a long thought about it, i belive she might have to be defeated in order to join starclan's side again. However, my theroy sort of runs a loop. What if she is not beaten. And what if She reamains on the Dark Forest? So many questions about the young she-cat. I also have one more quick theroy for today (because it is my dads b-day).

Firestar's death ***SPOILER***

So i've only read up to fadding echos, because thats all this town has right not. But it was proven by an interview by Erin (one of the authors) that Firestars death scean, has already been writen. But how might it go. Here is how i think it will go. Firestar, will see Tigerstars ghost (since proven in the moonpool fight that they can now attack and leave wounds), Tigerstar will atack Firestar and saddly, no more Firestar. D'X. I liked the kittypet Firestar. However, i dont think that Brambleclaw will be Bramblestar. And i dont think that Graystripe will be Graystar ethir. I belive it actully be an other cat...

(ill write more later, time to ice my dads cake XD)

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