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    Contest!!! XD

    October 25, 2010 by SpottedStar

    Atention all Warrior Cat Fans!!! Are you a good drawer, and love making short stories????? (I DO) Then coment on this and join MY WARRIOR CAT CONTEST that is still OPEN OPEN OPEN!!! alright, so this is the following things on what to draw and all tat and yes!!! there is prizes. XD XD XD XD XD

    How To Join: Just draw yourself as a Warrior cat/ or the main character in your FAN STORY and reply to this blog stating that you have joined the contest. After that, give me a link or post your picture on your profile and i will look at all pictures to detrimin the winner or 1st, 2nd and 3rd

    Deadline: November 3rd 2010 (NO late entries)


    • Must be all 100% yours
    • Nothing inapropreat (or ur exiled from contest)
    • Follow all Rules or you will be ign…
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    The Story of Dakota

    October 17, 2010 by SpottedStar

    okay so this is going to be a small thing i promised to my poor (should be living) murdered cat Dakota :'(. So this is also the reason why i get really sad around the name or even the thought. So here is what i was talking about. And all of below (inclueding all the cats/people) IS TRUE!!!

    What it's about: Based on a true story of the love and bond formed between a girl and a cat, and their battle to stay together, as the world tries to tear them apart.

    Dakota- A gray and white, filthy and friendly tom with a scar across his nose (Loner)

    Max- A tall, skinny, black and light gray long-haired tom cat (Kittypet)

    Brodey- A very fluffy brown and black, longhaired tom with heavy breathing (Kittypet)

    'Harley- 'A gray and white tom with half a tail and "T…

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    A Change of Heart???

    October 10, 2010 by SpottedStar

    Now who here likes or dislikes Ivypaw, the sister of Dovepaw? Ivypaw, is a really...uh? I cant find a work for it, umm easily changeable. She quickly went from a sweet kit, to an evilish apprentice. But i've been wondering. What might happen when Ivypaw, discorvers the truth. Like about Dovepaw and that the dark forest has been training her? Will she stay to The Dark Forest (D:

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    So there has been a big issue going around about Hollyleaf, the sister of Jayfeather and Lionblaze. So after the whole thing about Sol and all of that, she runs into the tunnels, having it cave in on her. But most people (including me) are wondering if she is really dead. Though in the timeline of Warriors Power of Three, it says Hollyleaf is dead, it was proved by people that Haper Colins made the timeline and therefor, meaning it could very well be incorect. Also, after the fight with Jayfeather and Breezepelt, Jayfeather see's alot of StarClan warriors. However it said he didnt want to look too hard in case he saw Hollyleaf, declaring no prof of her death. Erin Huntter (or the three authors), seem to have been avoiding the question abou…

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    well, i just discoverd this like about a few seconds ago and i wanted to test whatever this was and how it would appear on the blog page. Well im just pretty much talking about random stuff like i usually do so nothing out of the ordinary. Hmm well i think thats about it. Um ya, i might try this thing again later, i donno. Well thats all um of useless stuff. Well lol, XD c ya

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