Leader- Duststar- Light brown tom with darker spots over eyes, one darker brown ear, and tail, with dark brown back paws and amber eyes.

Deputy- Bramblerise- Light cream tom with a brown under belly and green eyes

Medicine Cat- Ambertail- Bright ginger tom.
Apprentice, Blackpaw


Treetail- Light brown tom with tabby striped legs and neck.

Frostheart- Pale gray she-cat.
Apprentice, Duskpaw

Creamfrost- Cream she-cat with white paws.

Willowfang- Almost white gray she-cat with amber eyes.
Apprentice, Flamepaw

Robinfeather- Ginger tom with white tipped ears.

Grayclaw- Battle scared gray-and-white tom.
Apprentice, Thirstlepaw

Tigershadow- Brown tabby tom with gray paws.

Bluestorm- Blue gray tom with a lighter flash on chest and green eyes.

Wolfsong- Beautiful silver-and-white tabby she-cat with blue eyes.


Flamepaw- Ginger she-cat.

Blackpaw- Black-and-white tom with amber eyes.

Duskpaw- Tortoiseshell she-cat with one black leg,

Thristlepaw- Gray she-cat with white paws.


Lilytail- Light tortoiseshell she-cat.


Petalheart- Gray tabby she-cat.

Clawheart- Brown tom.


Leader- Rowanstar- Ginger tabby tom with blue eyes.

Deputy- Birdwing- Brown tabby she-cat.

Medicine Cat- Graystone- Smoky gray she-cat.


Lightmeadow- Pale ginger she-cat.

Scarface- Ginger tom with a scar down face.
Apprentice, Darkpaw

Redheart- Dark ginger tom.

Smallflight- Small gray tabby she-cat.

Grasstail- White she-cat.
Apprentice, Whitepaw

Foxfang- Ginger-and-white tom.

Squirreltail- Brown-and-white tom with a thick tail.


Whitepaw- White she-cat with green eyes.

Darkpaw- Black tom with ginger paws.


Runningflower- Swift tabby.

Brindlefoot- White-and-gray she-cat.

Flowerfur- Brown she-cat.


Longpelt- Fluufy pale tom.


Leader- Sandstar- Pale ginger she-cat.

Deputy- Fangheart- Black tom.
Apprentice, Fogpaw

Medicine Cat- Swifttalon- Black-and-brown she-cat.


Windstorm- Black-and-white she-cat.

Gingerleaf- Ginger she-cat with lighter paws.

Bonepelt- White tom with amber eyes.

Ferndapple- Tortoiseshell she-cat.
Apprentice, Bagerpaw

Sunblaze- Ginger tabby she-cat with a lighter chest.

Vinethorn- Black tom.
Apprentice, Leopardpaw

Thornfur- Golden tom.


Leopardpaw- Golden bengaled she-cat.

Fogpaw- Pale gray tom.

Badgerpaw- Black tom with a white tail tip.


Dawnlight- Brown she-cat with black tabby stripes.

Minnowheart- Black she-cat.


Mousetooth- Silver she-cat.

Echofrost- Black she-cat.

Lointail- Golden tom.

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